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The Meat Shop.

Different on purpose.

If you're planning on jumping into a male dominated industry, you've got to have some serious skill, knowledge, and work ethic in your pants. Luckily we do.

This group of women hammers through thousands of pounds of meat each weekend. We run the meat shop from top to bottom and do so with impeccable quality and attention to detail.


We're proud to do things differently, because we know we're doing it right. From the moment you walk in the door, you will see an immediate difference. We aim to provide our customers with an experience. From our classy photo menu board with cuts and prices clearly listed, to our kitchen decor, local meat seasonings, and a display of our farming and ranching operation, you'll know you are somewhere different... and that is by design

The Girls.

A group of badasses. And, we know it.

Our shop is woman-owned and woman-operated. As such, we recognize that there are some barriers that have been built which we may come up against. Luckily they've been quite easy to remove and even fun to break down. 


We're not really the type to let anything hold us back. In fact, the quickest way to get us to do something, is to tell us we can't. 

Read below to get an idea of the caliber of women (and one little girl) we work with. 


Kacie is the Owner, and the brainpower behind the business. She is a fanatic about meat cuts, the science behind Dry Aging, knowing muscle characteristics, and cuts from every species of animal. You can ask her purtineer anything as she welcomes the chance to share her understanding, and talk a little meat!

"Kitty" (Kay)

If you don't know Kitty, you surely have missed out on one of the best parts of this shop. She's fun, unpredictable, knows her meat, and best of all she cares about the customer experience. Her personality immediately shines through the moment she welcomes you. Make sure you ask about Ribeyes or Chuck Roasts, those are her specialty and she grunts when showing you some her favorite cuts. Speaking of her favorite cuts, if you want to get the best of the best, ask to see what's on Kitty's Shelf.


Little 8 year old Aria is the granddaughter of Kacie and Reyes and graces us with her presence from time to time. She may be our little princess, but she works for it! This girl not only has her own log in number and is on the payroll, but she knows every cut of beef by heart and can dang sure tell you how it needs to be cooked. She will school every one of the older girls on the register and is diligently working on counting back change to the customer the old fashioned way.


Everyone, meet Bayje. She is our Chef and is responsible for all that happens in The Kitchen, at Dry Lakes Ranch Beef. You may recognize her if you shopped in the meat shop with us during the Holidays, and she came back to really flex behind her familiar apron. Bayje knows her cuts of meat, and also tackles recipe development, food prep and safety, and execution of all things prepared-food related at our business.


This sassy chick is best known in the shop for having Kacie & Kitty’s back. She ain’t playin’ when it comes to the meat shop and the family we’ve become. She’s protective of us, and our bottom line. This foxy lady is the magic behind our Housemade Horseradish and whips it up fresh every week. She helps us tackle the thousands of pounds of meat we unload each week and then serves customers with skill and precision the next day.

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