It takes time

When you pay, you are reserving product that we will get fresh. This allows you to skip the lines and be worry free when it comes to us selling out. You will be able to pick up your purchase on the date sent to you after checkout.


*Please see store hours & days of operation.

flash frozen

Your meat will be flash frozen and kept at -10 until you arrive to pick it up. 

It will be carefully packed in boxes and ready for you to take home. You can safely travel several hours with it packed this way before the product will begin to thaw. 

Vacuum Seal

Your beef will be expertly processed by our Craft Butchers and vacuum sealed. 

Vacuum Sealed meats have an incredible shelf life, and retain the savory freshness that you can't get with paper wrapped meats.


Only payment

IN FULL will secure your bulk purchase. 

Our inventory of these bulk purchase opportunities change weekly, and you will be notified upon checkout if we are sold out. 

*In-store Cash & Service Member

discount do not apply to Halves or Quarters.