Sound weird? Yeah, we know. But, hear us out. Beef Cheek is extremely sought after and delectible (if cooked correctly), this is because of the high number of small connective tissues that become tender and melt as it breaks down during the cooking process. Butter. Think butter. Layers of "butter" in this beautifully, slow roasted meat. Sold as a perfectly trimmed whole muscle by our craft butchers, in 1 pound packages.

1 Whole Beef Cheek

Cheek is the hard-working, lean facial cheek muscle, housing an abundance of connective tissue, known as collagen. This cut responds well to moist, slow extended cooking methods. As the collagen breaks down, it produces a tender and flavoursome result. Cheek is perfect diced in tacos, curries, braises and stews, but also holds its shape well when cooked whole.