This very tender and delicate cut of lamb is a special cut. Do not over cook, and do not marinade for long, or with an acidic marinade. The muscle fibres of this cut are too tender to hold up to a prolonged marinade, and it is a disgrace to over cook this little jewel! We are proud to carry sweet, mellow flavored lamb from Staight to Zion Lamb. 

Lamb- Super Trim Sirloin


Let your meat "bloom!" Vacuum sealing is the new fresh! Vacuum packaging extends the storage life of chilled meats by removing all oxygen and is the only way to retain perfect freshness. Vacuum sealing helps to ensure your meat does not spoil or become contaminated, and also prevents oxidation and discoloration of your meat. Furthermore, vacuum sealing allows for re-freezing of the meat if the seal has not been broken.

This process also eliminates moisture loss to the meat and eradicates the loss of valuable product due to freezer burn. In the vacuum sealed package, the meat is a beautiful deep color due to the lack of oxygen. Once opened, the meat returns to its usual bright color; this is called bloom.

You may notice a slight "off odor" when opening the bag; this is because of the absolute fool proof seal, in which no air can get in or out.  This means that the scent of the fresh beef remains with the meat, and you may not be used to this. In fact, there's now a term for this phenominon, "Confinement Odor." This aroma is completely normal and will dissipate within minutes of being exposed to oxygen, this is why it's important to let your meat "bloom."

Because of our packaging, if you defreeze it property (read, in the refrigerator...) you can re-freeze it with no loss in quality.  That's because the concern with refreezing meat is a quality issue, not a safety issue. Usually meat that has been thawed will lose moisture... but that doesnt happen if the beef is vacuum sealed.