Very budget friendly, these 1/2" thin steaks are great for grilling or braising for light eaters and especially children or elderly. Cut from the Sirloin, they're priced at $10.29 per pound, just as our regular cut Sirloin, but because of their thin and delicate nature; they'll only run you a couple dollars per steak. You can also cube or slice these thinly for stews or fajitas!


Sirloin Sizzle Steaks

SKU: 0002

Our Thin Sliced Steak Medallions are similar in shape to that of a Filet Mignon, but this cut is considerably less expensive, and also less tender. When cooked correctly however, this steak can be a great economical way to enjoy steaks with the kids! Sear and braise, or marinade for best results.

Steak Medallions also goes by several other names including; mock tender, chuck fillet steak, chuck clod tender, shoulder tender, petite fillet, fish steak, chuck tender steak, tender medallions, and shoulder petite tender.