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The Kitchen, at Dry Lakes Ranch Beef.

Cooking up KETO, Low Carb, and Diabetic Friendly foods to-go, each weekend.

Introducing a concept that fits us better. 


CUSTOM PRE-ORDERS: Easily order from a list of items that we're happy prepare for you. Here's an example of the items that you can look forward to:

  • ​​egg bites with high quality cheeses, veggies, meats, and fats.

  • salads made with our prime meats, specialty cheeses, and housemade dressings.

  • smoked, grilled, and roasted meats.

  • housemade collagen and broth; both Chicken and Beef available.

  • beef tallow, bacon fat, and other great fats available.

  • snacks cups, smoothies, layered dessert jellos, and fat bombs (for eating, and for coffees).

    • custom ingredients that YOU can chose, including:

      • Antioxidant, Calcium, Energy, Green Blend, Hangover, Immune Support with Zinc, Matcha Green Tea, Multi Vitamin, Multi-Vitamin, Probiotic, ​Relaxing, Smart, Trim & Fit, Vitamin C, Women's Blend, MCT, flavors, collagen, and more!

GRAB & GO: No fussing over seating, take it and go. Enjoy it right away or meal prep for the week. We'll package everything in fantastic containers that you can take with you camping, to work, or straight to your fridge at home. We're making high quality, healthy eating easy... and GOOD. Find it in our Grab & Go Refrigerator located in the retail area of our store.

CATERING: Need to feed a crew? We've got you. With advanced notice you can feed a whole house (or meeting room) full. You can select from a limited menu of items that will be prepared fresh, and can either be picked up, or delivered to you. 

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