The Kitchen, at Dry Lakes Ranch Beef.

Cooking up our own homegrown, USDA Prime Beef and more.

•The Kitchen•



•The Meat Shop•

Thursdays: 11:00 - 7:00

Fridays: 11:00 - 7:00

Saturdays: 11:00 - 7:00

Sundays: 11:00 - 4:00

Mondays: 11:00 - 7:00

Tuesdays: -CLOSED-

Wednesdays: -CLOSED-


Reyes and I have spent years dreaming of serving our own beef. We knew there was nothing like it being served anywhere else. Much of the beef served commercially these days comes from the same big packing houses that the grocery store beef comes from; and it all has that same lackluster and bland taste... until now.

We've made the leap. 

Introducing The Kitchen, at Dry Lakes Ranch Beef. 

We are starting slow, making incredible burgers and fries on Friday, Saturday, and  Sunday... or until we sell out. If we get a wild hair, we will do a Sunday Special or perhaps a holiday special depending on the weekndYou'll need to watch Social Media for our most updated plan of attack.

Join us. Eat on our outdoor picnic tables, or take it to one of the quiet little places around Parowan and enjoy our small town vibe.