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  • Where are you located?
    We farm and ranch here in beautiful Parowan, Utah and this is also where our retail beef shop is located. Our cattle are here too. They love the Mother Town, and so do we.
  • Is your meat fresh?
    We absolutely have fresh meat. In both senses of the word! We are proud to offer Fresh, Never Frozen beef in our retail shop on Parowan's Main Street. As you may notice, we close for two days during the week. These days allow us take steers to be harvested, and also a day to pick up fresh beef from our craft butchers weekly. This Fresh, Never Frozen product is absolutely phenominal, and also very hard to come by for the average consumer. We reccomend visiting us on Thursdays, Fridays, or Saturdays when we have in stock the very freshest meat, as well as the cuts you are looking for (we sell out quick!). But we also have plenty very fresh product that we store in our commercial freezer. Not only is our frozen meat expertly packaged in vacuum sealed bags to retain quality and moisture, we store it at temps below zero degrees. No matter which product you take home with you, both are going to be tender and juicy and you can rest assured that you are getting exactly what you pay for!
  • Is your meat Organic, Free Range, Antibiotic/Hormone/GMO/Cage Free?"
    Sorry. But, we don't play the fear mongering game. We have generations of experience, research, and higher education in our back pocket. Our ranch has taken care of native plant life, soil health, animal wellness, and water resources for over 150 years. We raise cattle right. We care for our land and for our environment. We provide an insanely high quality product, locally. And, we don't prey on your ineptness for our monetary gain. All the fluff that other people sell you on to get you to pay a little more money is utter bullshit. You won't find that here.
  • What are your prices like?
    We have great prices, especially when you weigh the value against the per-pound price tag. The product you purchase from us is local. It is raised humanely and comes from young and healthy beef cattle. We raise the cattle, we raise the feed. There are no shortcuts and your eating experience is our top priority. We take the time to grow our cattle to perfection, and then have them Dry Aged in a time honored tradition that highlights their flavor and tenderizes their muscle fibers. After being cut by our craft butchers, it is brought to our shop and sold to you immedialty. You are getting a superior product, locally. Our meat is a steal for the prices we are charging (especially during COVID). Get in here, quick, before it sells out!
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