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Our Beef Cattle

Young.   Heavy Muscled .   Well Conditioned.

We harvest only high quality beef cattle, both our own and those we purchase from other local ranchers just like us. These beef cattle are genetically selected for growth (muscle) and condition (fat). The beef cattle we harvest are never older than 18-26 months of age to ensure you have a tender and high quality eating experience.

We guarantee our cuts come only from farm and ranch-raised, healthy, and high quality beef cattle. You'll never have to worry about the major concerns that come with beef shipped from other countries when you shop with us!

What They Eat

Munch. Munch.

Our beef, and the weaned calves we purchase locally, are raised in the lush mountain and valley pastures of the Parowan Area all of their lives, and are finish fed at our farm here in Parowan, Utah. 


We finish feed the cattle with a custom blended ration that we've developed ourselves. In fact, we grow 90% of the finishing ration right here on our farm.

The twice daily, fresh mixed finishing ration includes:

* 75%- high quality alfalfa and oat hay mix (raised by us in Parowan)

* 15%- corn silage (raised by us in Parowan)

* 5%- powdered corn (purchased locally)

* 5%- natural pelleted plant concentrates (seeds) with additives listed below 

    * with added all-natural enzymes for healthy immune function

    * with added all-natural yeast cultures for fiber digestion

    * with added all-natural prebiotic and probiotics for natural gut health

Humanely Handled

We are  Certified

Our cattle are humanely raised and handled. We are fanatics about the animal handling practices taught by the great Dr. Temple Grandin, we have studied her research and teachings diligently, and we've attended her trainings to ensure we are getting correct guidance and techniques; directly from the source.

We take great pride in low stress, instinct-driven animal handling. You'll rarely hear our cattle make a sound, which means they feel safe and are not stressed. When our cattle are relaxed, they perform better, and that helps us provide a better quality product for our customers!


We are also proud of the fact that we are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Certified and can prove our efforts through globally recognized documentation.


But, the best way for us to showcase our healthy and happy cattle, is by showing you the finished product! Read about how you can see the difference in our product by clicking here to be taken to our Know Your Meat Page.

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