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The Breakdown.

How we know.

Besides the great tasting beef you will take home, consider that your money could now be used to better our mountain and valley ecosystems, as well as our local economy by supporting a farming and ranching family. If not us, be sure to support someone (anyone) local because farmers and ranchers are invaluable to our communities!

If I buy a Whole Beef, will I get 1,300 pounds of meat?


No. If that was the case, we'd be rich! Here's what you'll take home.

Steps in the Breakdown:

  1. On average, our beef will be harvested at about 1,300 pounds, Live Weight. 

  2. Once the beef is harvested and sanitized, the Hot Carcass Weight will be about 715 pounds, a loss of nearly 45% of original weight.

  3. The carcass is then rolled into a chilled cooler, where it will Dry Age for at least 14 days. This process will shrink the tissue on the carcass because of the evaporation that occurs. One of the reasons our beef is a better value is because of this step; allowing for a product with far less water weight. The muscle and fat will have a loss of about 120 pounds of water, or 15% of the total carcass weight which amounts to a Hanging Weight of about 600 pounds.

  4. After the carcass has been properly Dry Aged, it is time for it to be broke down into Primals and the final cuts that we request from our Craft Butchers. We ask that all cuts be boneless, (with the exception of only a few) to preserve the vacuum seal on our product and prolong the shelf life of our beef. This portion of cutting the beef will amount to another 35% loss of Hanging Weight due to the trimming of the hard, Dry Aged surface of the carcass, the bones, ligaments, silverskin, trim, and connective tissue. Now, we have a finished product weight of about 390 pounds.

  5. The finished cuts will now amount to somewhere around  390 pounds, give or take a little depending on frame size of the beef and other minute factors.

One thing to keep in mind is that we do offer Offal in addition to your purchase of a Whole, Half, or Quarter Beef. These items come for a nominal fee, but will not automatically be included due to the cost of having them processed. Offal items include; Knuckle Bones, Neck Bones, Bone Marrow Canoes, Sliced Liver, Heart, Tongue, Sweetbreads, Cheek, Beef Feet, Tripe, and Ox Tail. If you want it included, just ask!


Where do you get this information? How can we trust it?


We don't "get" this information anywhere. We know it. Kacie (Owner) has years of experience in the meat industry. She competed collegiately at the national level in Livestock Evaluation where focus was on market readiness, muscle, yield, and genetics. Kacie has spent time in trainings at some of the premier meat evaluation and fabrication labs in the United States; places such as University of Wyoming, Laramie and Texas A & M Meats Lab in College Station, Texas. She has worked at a variety of Meat Shops in Utah, Wyoming, and Kansas. Kacie has also taught hundreds of young people about Quality and Yield Grading in beef cattle, retail and primal cuts of the major domestic species, humane livestock handling and harvesting by the standards of Dr. Temple Grandin, and more. She has had a hand in butchering and processing meat for the last 20 years, and even taught hands-on courses taking students through the the entire process of growing, harvesting, processing, and preparing animals for consumption.

These figures are perfectly accurate in our operation; and thus, as the consumer, we expect you to understand what has been laid out above.  

You are getting a premium product with us that is properly Dry Aged (no sour or gamey taste), expertly trimmed and boned by our Craft Butchers (no inedible ligaments or bones that shorten shelf life), and packaged in vacuum seal technology which retains quality better than any other packaging on the market.

We do things right, and we do it right the first time. You'll see.

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