Know your packaging

With Vacuum Sealing, the air is removed from the package via a vacuum chamber and the package is heat sealed, providing a superior product with little moisture loss and extended shelf-life.

Vacuum Packaging

Sealed to keep your product fresher longer, and to keep it contamination free.


Read on for more facts about the way your meat is packaged, and how it will ensure you get a great product from us, no matter what!

Prevents Oxidation & Discoloration

Your meat will retain the same color and taste/smell profile as the moment it was cut thanks to the superiority of our vacuum packaging methods.

Scent of Fresh Beef

You may notice a slight "off odor" when opening the bag; this is because of the absolute fool proof seal, in which no air can get in or out.


  This means that the scent of the fresh beef remains with the meat, and you may not be used to this.


In fact, there's now a

term for this phenominon,

"Confinement Odor."

This aroma is completely normal and will dissipate within minutes of being exposed to oxygen, this is why it's important to let your meat "bloom."

Let it Breathe

After opening the vacuum package, let your meat air out for a short period of time. It will regain color after its prolonged lack of oxygen. This is called "bloom."

No Freezer Burn

Vacuum sealing eliminates moisture loss by preventing oxygen from drying the meat and protects against freezer burn.

Re-Freeze Your Meat!

Because of our packaging, if you defreeze it property (read, in the refrigerator...) you can re-freeze it with no loss in quality!

That's because the concern with refreezing meat is a quality issue, not a safety issue. Usually meat that has been thawed will lose moisture... but that doesnt happen if the beef is vacuum sealed.

Sealed Refrigerator Shelf Life:

35-85 Days

Sealed Freezer Shelf Life:

1 Year+



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