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When We're Sold Out...

Sometimes we sell out of fresh meat, and that's a good thing!

We work hard to bring the product from at least 4 beef each week to our retail shop on Parowan's Historic Main Street.


The amount of product, and specific cuts we bring, can vary for several reasons; 

1. Customers are all very different and look for a nice variety of cuts each week. This is wonderful because we have the ability to offer practically every cut from a beef! However, there are a remarkable amount of cuts that come from the same Primal. For example, a New York Strip Loin and a Filet Mignon are cut from the same Primal that a T-Bone or Porterhouse is cut from, you can't have both simultaneously. If there is a cut that you want, but isn't available this week, just give us your request and come back the next week!

2. Beef come in all shapes and sizes. Kacie closely studies the size, condition, age, and muscle of each steer and then creates a cutting order specifically for each animal. She tries to best utilize each animal to its maximum potential. This means that she might cut out short ribs if it is clear that the beef has too much external fat, or she may request our Craft Butchers trim the Rib Primal into Tomahawks rather than Ribeyes if there has been enough requests. These changes are good for our business, and good for the utilization of the animal too.

3. Speaking of Craft Butchers, they're at the center of our operation. Without a well-functioning Federally Inspected harvest & processing plant, we would be unable to transition our cattle from healthy and happy animals to a healthy and tasty protein for your growing family. Our Craft Butchers work very hard to remain impeccably healthy, efficient with their time management, and adequately staffed. But, even superheroes are not invincible. We know and understand the struggles of running a business, and if the butcher shop we use falls behind, we understand and simply work with what we've got in stock for that week.

4.The number of cattle we have ready for harvest plays a big role in our ability to bring fresh beef to you. It takes us 22+ months to grow a beef to suitable harvest size. We must plan months, and even years, in advance to fill our weekly quota. Feed, genetics, weather, herd health, and more can play a major role. As ranchers and farmers, we've come to understand some things are simply out of our control, and sometimes that can impact our stock levels in the meat shop.

The reality is, we're doing things slow and we are doing things right. And that just takes more time.


Be patient... it's worth the wait. 

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