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Animal Protein

This is a hard conversation, isn't it?


Many are not very comfortable these days with the slaughter process. What is more, the process of harvest in particular is becoming a tool to scare consumers from utilizing animal protein in their diet. We think scare tactics are wrong, and we're here to educate!

We believe animals were given to us to care for, utilize, and to sustain us. We believe they offer us vital nutrients that we can't get elsewhere in a sustainable way.


For our ranch, we also need our livestock to help us manage our rangelands to mitigate fire hazard while helping improve the health of our soils, grasses, and pasture. We absolutely need livestock as a tool!


Plus, we think beef (and all animal protein products) create the perfect main dish to build healthy and delicious meals around. Meals bring us together, and there is nothing that brings people to the table better than sustainably raised, local, juicy beef!

Harvest Time

There is some incredible research that has been done lately by the wonderful Dr. Temple Grandin. She has transformed the animal agriculture industry for the better and we eternally grateful. She has made strides that are invaluable to the health and welfare of animals in the United States, and around the world. Temple Grandin is the absolute epitome of an expert. We follow her research closely and utilize it when working our animals, and also in day-to-day life. 

Knowing her research, Kacie has spent countless hours finding the harvest facility that best fits the needs and desires of our ranch and business. 

Not only are our cattle properly cared for, and kept calm, but they are delicately cared for throughout the entire process, even after their carcass is rolled into the aging cooler.  

Our beef are harvested under Federal Inspection. The process is unbelievably sanitary and efficient. In fact, there are several steps that are taken to ensure that our carcasses are microbe-free from tip to tail. 


Having a carcass properly cared for on the microbial level during harvest is crutial to a proper Dry Age. This is why our beef won't ever have an "off" or sour flavor or smell. There is absolutely no bacterial or fungal growth on the our carcasses while they are Dry Aging. We guarantee it!

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