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We are Reyes & Kacie Carballo and our family is blessed to run Dry Lakes Ranch in beautiful Parowan, Utah. The ranch has been in existence since 1873, and we've been part of that history for the last few decades. We run a cow-calf operation that had traditionally sold calves at weaning time in the Fall.

When the pandemic highlighted the vertically integrated supply chain problem we have in America, we were forced to change our operation to stay afloat. We now sell our own beef, purchase beef from other producers, and bring in local lamb, mutton, chicken, turkey, and pork to sell in our meat shop. 

Our decision to sell directly to the consumer has been a life-changing one for our family, and hopefully one that is positively impacting many more families than just our own. 

We aren't much for talking about ourselves, but if you want to know more, reach out. We'll happily share our story along with a cold Diet Coke or Corona, depending on who you wanna talk to.

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