Reyes & Kacie Carballo

Branding Pen
We love to work our cattle horseback. Although most of our work is done a-foot, we love the chance to work with our equine partners and use the instincts of both the horses, and the cows.
We farm about 300 acres in the Parowan Valley. We raise primarily hay; both high quality alfalfa, and also grass mix hays and oat hay with a three way mix.
Kacie & Reyes
Kacie and Reyes love to talk cattle and evaluate their cows, bulls, heifers, steers, and young calves. Always striving to improve their herd genetics, this day was no different- except today they took a picture together.
Here, you see Reyes cultivating the land. He had planted field corn that would soon be harvested as corn silage and fed to our beef cattle. We raise about 75 acres of corn for our cattle each year.
Me, Kacie, in a snow storm.
We farm and ranch every day, no matter the weather. This was a cold January day feeding cattle, and though it may have been frigid, there was still no place I'd rather be.
Cutting Hay
We raise some great grasses and legumes to feed our cattle, and we raise it specifically for the times of year when they can't graze. In order to preserve the feed, we must dry it and compress it into a fairly weather proof package, hence- the invention of the hay bale.
Reyes & Kacie
We adore each other, and are so happy to work along side one another. Here's a rare glimpse of some good 'ole PDA.
Reyes at the Dry Lakes Spring
We have many springs on our property and we take care to ensure they are never damaged in any way. This spring is one of our favorite spots on Dry Lakes to get a sip of cool, clear water.
Raking Hay
Part of preserving fresh cut alfalfa and hay so that it can be fed in the winter is drying it. Here you see us raking the hay or turning it over so that it may cure and dehydrate for proper bailing and storage.
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