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The Meat Shop.

Different on purpose.

If you're planning on jumping into a male dominated industry, you've got to have some serious skill, knowledge, and work ethic in your pants. Luckily we do.

This woman-led Meat Shop hammers through thousands of pounds of meat each weekend. We run the meat shop from top to bottom and do so with impeccable quality and attention to detail.


We're proud to do things differently, because we know we're doing it right. From the moment you walk in the door, you will see an immediate difference. We aim to provide our customers with an experience. From our classy digital menu board with cuts and prices clearly listed, to our kitchen decor, specialty meat seasonings, and a display of our farming and ranching operation, you'll know you are somewhere different... and that is by design

The Crew.

A group of badasses. And, we know it.

Our shop is woman-owned and woman-led. As such, we recognize that there are some barriers that have been built which we may come up against. Luckily they've been quite easy to remove and even fun to break down. 


We're not really the type to let anything hold us back. In fact, the quickest way to get us to do something, is to tell us we can't. 

Although we've been proud to be 100% woman-operated most of the time, you may see a guy or two come into the fold... and they'll be fantastic. Read below to get an idea of the caliber of people we've got ready to serve.


Kacie is the Owner, and the brainpower behind the business. She brings knowledge and experience in the meat industry and couples it perfectly with her Husband's farming and ranching success. Kacie is a fanatic about meat cuts, the science behind Dry Aging, knowing muscle characteristics, and proper animal management of every species of animal. You can ask her purtineer anything as she welcomes the chance to share her understanding, and talk a little meat... or cattle if you'd like!

Kitty (Kay)

If you don't know Kitty, you surely have missed out on one of the best parts of this shop. She's fun, unpredictable, knows her meat, and best of all she cares about the customer experience. Her personality immediately shines through the moment she welcomes you. Make sure you ask about Ribeyes, Short Ribs, or Chuck Roasts. Those are her favorite cuts. In fact, if you want to get the best of the best, ask to see what's on Kitty's Shelf.


Bayje is our longest running full-time employee, if you're not counting blood relatives. But this lady has become more than an employee. What started out as a stint running our Kitchen and our Food Truck, has morphed into her tackling the online orders, CSA Shares, and records of both customers and financials. She's incredibly valuable to our operation! Bayje has extensive knowledge as a chef, so when you've got her attention at the meat counter, don't be afraid to ask her questions!


Shaylee was one of the very first non-family employees we hired. And, although she has an incredible career, she still graces us with her presence weekly. Our favorite things about Shaylee are her incredible strength, her quick wittedness, her cool and calm demeanor, and the level of badassery she brings to the table.


This tall spitfire is one of the most comical and equally loving humans we've ever met. She's a real down-to-earth, wonderful mother of three. Jessica has quickly caught on to our offerings, and now knows just about every cut in the book. She's a very intelligent woman who takes her health seriously. If you've got questions about healthy fats or low carb eating, ask her! Jessica is sweet, approachable, has a wildly perfect sense of humor, is reliable, and very hard working! We love her.


Alexa is our newest recruit. She is brilliant, and we love her humor. Alexa is an Animal Science Major from University of Kentucky. She's very knowledgeable in the agriculture industry, both production and consumerism. She's an avid book reader, and loves to draw. If you recognize her, it's because she was the smiling face behind the counter at Apple Annies in Brian Head for 2 years... until we poached her.


Little Kayson is the son of Jessica, and though he be a few years from being a teenager, he's got a work ethic that would put most people to shame. He's eager to learn and please. Kayson has a love of Jiu Jitsu, survival training, fishing, and Case Knives... and we sure love him!


Little 9 year old Aria is the granddaughter of Kacie and Reyes and graces us with her presence from time to time. She may be her Grandpa's little princess, but she works for it! This girl not only has her own log-in number and is on the payroll, but she knows every cut of beef by heart and can dang sure tell you how it needs to be cooked. She will school every one of the older girls on the register and is diligently working on counting back change to the customer the old fashioned way.

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